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“Wait, there’s a trail called Evil Twin?”
“Yeah, It’s at the end of Lost Giants.”
“Isn’t that just more Lost Giants?”

That was a real conversation in the sales office here last week, because our local trail system is a mess. Don’t get me wrong, Galbraith is a ton of fun, and truly has some world class riding, but the trail names and philosophy of where names stop and start is absurd.

Not only do trails randomly change names, but there’s also debate over what trails are named. Everywhere else I’ve ridden, trails have ONE name. Here, trails can have up to a half dozen. Cedar Dust is a perfect example. Most people call it Cedar Dust, i think there may even be a sign designating it as such, (If it hasn’t been stolen yet) but it’s also gone by Ridge Trail Extender, Tallboy, Temper Tantrum and others. There is of course a reason behind each name. Cedar Dust because there’s fallen Cedars that leave the telltale red/orange powder, and Tallboy was because Kona’s own Dale plant flipped over, landing on his camelbak and exploding his tallboy beer. New Fun Center was the very original name people called it because it runs roughly along the same routs as the Family Fun Center. Temper Tantrum came about because some new stunts popped up on the trail, and the original trail builder found them and had a bit of a hissy fit. I really wanted that one to stick.

Other names on Galbraith have evolved from bland to, uh, not quite so bland. One steep connector past the Esophagus and Intestine was simply called Connector, and then BS, and now has the dubious pleasure of being called the Anus, creating nearly endless jokes.

Why can’t we pick trail names and stick with them? Why do trail names like 2 1/2, which no one has been able to the meaning of stick around, while cool ones like Pick up Sticks get silly names like Purple Heart or Purple Balloon? I dunno, maybe we just like mob rule around here. Maybe we prefer to keep tourists lost? Maybe we’re just uniquely disorganized. I’m gonna go with that one.