Tyson Blades, or Way of the Bicycle as he’s known on Instagram, loves his Kona Sutra. In fact, in an earlier form, we even featured it as a Dream Build.  Well recently, in the name of research, he took it on the Romero Canyon Trail in Santa Barbara, CA.

“Being without a purpose-built mountain bike, I thought it might be a good idea to test out the Sutra on a surface other than asphalt or gravel. The handling and the tire choice were my main focus here. Touring and adventure bikes are usually seen as the best option for an all-in-one bike. However, like a fancy SUV, just because it looks capable, doesn’t mean that it is. I have done quite a bit of touring in my life, and I can tell you that the Kona Sutra is perfect for that. Asphalt and gravel… no problem. Beyond that, I wanted to know what the limitations were for this particular build. Thus, like a Patagonia-Lululemon-wearing-Montecito mom about to drive her G-wagon in the dirt, so did I set out to get some scratches on my exterior.”

So what were his findings? Well, we should probably send you over to his great little BLOG for the full read but we can share a little.

“The Kona Sutra itself, despite the tires and the overall weight, handled well. There were some slight mishaps involving the too-low-for-this-use bottom bracket and the toe overlap. These problems became more manageable once I slowed down a little and found the right lines. Once on level ground, or even going downhill, the bike seemed to roll over almost everything. There were sections that were rutted and filled with cobble-sized rocks that seemed to pose little problems. Did I get some air on the way down? Why yes… yes I did.”

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You can find the Sutra on KonaRideOnline.com HERE.