World Cups are the epitome of mountain bike racing at the highest level. This year in Mont Sainte Anne, the venue for the 2010 Mountain Bike World Championships, was no exception. With the industry factory pits, to the caliber of racers attending; it is really big show.

In attendance at this years event was Barry Wicks and Kris Sneddon on the Xc side and Joe “Smitty the Red” Smith racing on the Stab Supreme. Over the years Quebec has had a reputation for wet and greasy conditions to test the riders abilities as well as their mechanics knowledge in keeping the rigs up and running in such tough conditions and this year was no pop quiz.

World Cup is a tough game to play. Getting over that hump to start in the front is no easy task, especially when you spend most of the time on the US cup tour and not racing at ALL the world cups. With a 90 and 91 position start Kris and Barry had to knock down many players to get further to the front. Things went sideway for Barry with a blown sidewall 10 minutes into the race. After an indecision to ride on to the pit or fix the problem, Barry went with the latter. Now in dead last, he had much work to do. By the end of the race, Barry had put the pedal down and managed to catch 68 riders to finish 58th. Sneddley ended up just in front in 56th. It was a rough course for the team put putting their heads down they did their job.

Smitty the Red had a good finish coming in 30th after a disappointing qualifying run the day before. He seemed very happy about it and it showed in the evenings party later that night. “It was longer course than I’m used too so I’m happy with my finish. Looking forward to the shorter and more technical course in Bromont this weekend coming up. It’s more my style”

On another note. If you’re are planning to check out a world cup or any sort of bike racing at all and are in the neighborhood. The organizers that put on this race, just outside of Quebec City do a fantastic job. A lot of race promoters and organizers could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Special thanks to Lucie and the Kona/Biomax team for doing so great at the Quebec provincials. All those little shreds on Konas was great to see at such a big event.

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