The folks over at The Loam Wolf have spent the past several months testing out the Remote 160, they’ve been having a blast.

They felt it was an excellent contender in their all-mountain performance category, sighting its capability in rugged terrain and as a self-shuttling vehicle. “When it comes to on-trail performance, there isn’t much the Kona doesn’t do well. Suspension performance is a highlight as it’s lively, supple and sensitive off the top, offering great traction and support, yet it ramps nicely off drops or big hits.”

They also appreciated the thoughtful Process-like geometry that keeps the bike fun in all conditions.

Geometry on the Kona Remote can be described as capable and well-rounded. It’s not short, but it’s also not a new-school shred sled that becomes unwieldy on slower, more technical terrain. Our size large test bike has a 475mm reach, which felt a tiny bit short at first when coming off some other limos in the roundup. However, as soon as we started riding, we liked the blend of snappiness and stability that came from the 818mm front center.”

To read the full review, head on over to The Loam Wolf!