The Lisa RD is another solid, reliable bike from Kona. It makes a great general purpose road bike specifically designed for women riding for fitness, doing sportives and the occasional race. It is both comfortable and nippy, and for your £1000 you get a good amount of strong features.

The first thing you notice about the Lisa RD are the bladed spokes on the Mavic Aksium Race wheels. At the £1000 price mark this more aerodynamic feature seems like a big bonus compared to the other bikes at this cost, but to be absolutely fair, this only really matters if you are a pro racer as it could only end up saving you a tiny 44 seconds over a 40km ride (Source: Sheldon Brown website: Bicycles and Aerodynamics by Ranier Pivit, Radfahren, 1990). However, they do look good – and if that gets you out riding more then that’s a bonus in itself. Add in the very grippy Continental UltraSport 700x23C tyres and this whole caboodle encourages you to power down on the pedals and take corners even faster.

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