“This is nice looking bike. Given the other multi-coloured yawns you get in this price range and aimed at this particular market, the Kona Paddy Wagons shiny black-all-over “night prowler” look is the height of dignity.

This is a solid entry level single speed/fixed bike which is ideal for the commuter. It’s a little bit curious that something so clearly aimed at the entry-level market doesn’t come with pedals, which you would presume would be a given. If you’ve bought an off-the-peg “name-brand” bike you’re not likely to be the sort of person who would scour the internet and/or bike shops for the perfect pedal. Similarly, the tyres that come with the bike are a little flimsy – yes they’re Continental, but the Ultra Sport are notoriously weak for daily commuting and I got a flat after just 250 miles. And the twin bottle cage mounts seem a like a weird, vestigial artefact from which ever Kona frame they based their design off of.”

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