For this weekends Single Speed Mountain Bike World Championships in Bend, Oregon, Team Racer Barry wicks built up a unique bike, borrowing parts from all periods of his race career. Here is his story on the build.

This is actually the bike from my first year as a “pro” on the Norba National circuit. The frame was built in 2002 by Mike Desalvo in Ashland, Oregon. I’ve hung on to it all these years because it is a pretty special bike. Mike told me he had never built a frame this big and had to order a special down tube for a tandem to make it work. It has a 26″ long top tube, and custom geo based on the old Gary Fisher Genesis Geometry, with a long top tube and short stem. Pretty ahead of its time I think. I rode this labeled as a Desalvo for my first pro season, then once I got signed to Kona the next year, it became what it is now.

The build I have currently on the frame is for the 2018 Single Speed World Championships in Bend, Or. Last November I went to New Zealand for the 2017 edition of the race with a few other folks from Bend, and we won the Hosting Rights for the 2018 edition. I wanted to build up a bike that was cool, but also guaranteed I didn’t win because I am tattoo adverse.

I dug through my various crates of parts I have accumulated over my racing years, and built what I think is a pretty unique setup. The cranks are the XTR M960 iteration, which have a proprietary BCA and a huge spider, so I took a dremel to them and gave them an “update”

I went with flat pedals because #flatpedalswinmedals but also for when I need to bail and run fast (away from the tattoo guy).

The coaster brake looks gnar, but I’ve recently taken it apart and fully rebuilt the insides so it works well, for the most part.

For me, the build highlights include an original Hite-Rite seat post-spring, various vintage Shimano XTR bits, and some brand new WTB tires, because #26aintdead.

The original Flite saddle used to be my go to, but now I find it very uncomfortable.

Custom Desalvo/Kona Ti frame
Kona Project Two Fork
Highly Modified Shimano XTR M960 cranks with 32T ring
Un-branded Coaster Brake hub with 16t Cog
Thompson Seatpost
Original Flite Saddle
Hite-Rite seat spring
Pro Tharsis Stem and Handlebar 50mm/800mm
Front Brake XTR M9000 (I’ve been trying to convince myself to take this off, but I am scared)
Front Hub Shimano XTR M960
Tires WTB Trail Boss 26×2.2 TCS Light/Fast casing