Dan runs Kona’s warranty department in Canada so he had a little bit of an unfair advantage of knowing that this bike was in the works. In fact he made damn sure that one of the Ti Humuhumu’s was going to find its way to the inside of his bike shed. “Back in about 2014 before we released the new Humuhumu with 29” wheels Dan Gerhard and Dr Dew told me about a Ti version that was on the drawing board. They told me it would be a very small run and I said “Put my name on one!”. “

“After what seemed like years of waiting I heard they were being built, I talked to Kona founder Dan G about how he’d build up his bike and how I’d build mine. I told him I wanted to do something completely out of the norm for a beach cruiser. When the frames finally arrived we needed an interesting bike to show at an event in Montreal so this was built up.”

Dan pulled a bunch of the parts off a King Kikapu. The dropouts were swapped for 12×142 and a headset with an external cup was installed. The BB was changed to a Race Face Cinch to fit the 30mm crank that’s normally a press fit type. The Kahuna’s Race Face post was too big for the Ti frame. First Dan ran a rigid Kona post but he then upgraded to a Thomson 27.2 Elite external dropper after some trail rides showed that a cruiser on technical MTB trails could use some help. The pedals are VP Blades in cast Titanium and they really tie the whole bike together. The finishing touch is the Ti King Cage, a must for all Ti builds.

The ride is definitely cruiser so a huge bunch of fun to run down the trails on. It’s never seen a scale but it’s light and the stock 34T ring does not feel overwhelming on this cruiser.

Race Face Next SL carbon cranks and a Race Face Narrow/Wide ring help propel this beach cruiser down Interior BC singletrack.

Those pedals! VP component Ti Blade pedals were designed for city and urban riding and not really for railing single track, but damn it if they aren’t the raddest flat pedals in existence!

Kona’s horizontal dropout system allowed Dan to run the Humuhumu geared and with a 142×12 axle.

SRAM’s original Elixir Trails’s keep this lightweight machine from running reds, missing corners and in control on the slabs.

More Race Face can be found in the cockpit with a Next carbon bar and 70mm Turbine stem.

As Dan choose to install Rock Shox Sid forks with a tapered steerer on the Humuhumu he had to utalize an external lower cup.

So Sexy Right Now.


Luckily (or unluckily) for Dan, the Thomson Elite was one of the few dropper posts that came in the narrow 27.2 diameter required for the Ti Humuhumu.

Dan even snuck one of our team WTB saddles away from Spencer Paxson when he wasn’t looking. The subtle color matching is on point.