As more and more Kona owners start using the #tituesdayswithkona hashtag, the more unique Ti builds we are starting to see. And when you begin with a blank canvas that is a Lynskey made Ti frame, well the results can often be inspired, like this weeks Ti Humuhumu. From the moment I first saw it tagged on Kona’s Instagram account I just had to track it down. Finding out that it resides just a few blocks from our Vancouver office at Dream Cycle was a Godsend. When I saw it in the flesh it was far more unique and quirky than I had imagined. This is Darren’s Ti Humuhumu. Be inspired.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Classic XTR cranks and a Race Face narrow wide chain propel the Humu.


Our classic horizontal dropouts enable both geared and non geared options as well as the ability to adjust wheel base lengths. Darren utalized more recycling with this classic and reliable clutch-less XT rear mech.


The forks are custom made by Sycip Cycles and the equally custom made rack is welded to the forks and the bag is from Anhica in Florida (its also a seat bag). That light up front is the Lumotech IQ Cyro T and his powered by….


… the SP-Dynamo Series 8 front disc hub.


The whole thing rolls on Schwalbe’s beach racing tyre The Big One.



An Oddity Cycles Razorbar keep the cockpit ergo while the Spur Cycle Griprings keep things comfy.


More Spur Cycle goodness with the raddest bell in existence and creatively mounted to a 90m Hope XC stem too.


Chris King Headset. BITB.


It seems you just cant build a Ti Kona without a King Cage.


Blackspire Sub420 pedals keep the splashes of orange going throughout.


And it doesn’t get any better than the classic Brooks B17 saddle for your posterior (once its broken in of course) coupled with the Moots Colorado bag.


Just because you can never get enough of that bell, or that headset!


A simple Salsa seat clamp completes this very unique and Ti Humuhumu build.