For todays Ti Tuesday we thought we’d take a trip back in time to check out the 1995 Kona Haole. I found this old postcard on Kona founder Jake’s desk (among a few other things) and had to do a little digging through old catalogs to find out much about it. Tucked away right at the end of the 1995 Kona catalog (it was a fold out poster) I finally found the what I was looking for, It seems it was only available as a frame-set but it had some pretty progressive angles, the size 57 featured a 73º seat angle, a 73.5º Head angle, a 55.9cm top tube and 40.6cm chain stays. Not to far off our current Ti Esatto. Anyhow i’ll leave you with the very prophetic blurb from the 1995 catalog.

A combination of road and mountain bike riding can complement a rider’s strength in both disciplines. By using the same material and technology as the the successful Hei Hei mountain bike, Joe Murray has developed a superlative road machine. Titanium alloy has rapidly become the material of choice for road racing bicycles. Anyone who has ridden a Titanium road frame will tell you it’s the sweetest ride attainable “off dirt”. The balance of resilience, comfort and light weight is unbeatable. This just might be the last road bike you will ever buy.

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