Joe Murray designed and raced the first titanium mountain bike in 1986. It was a natural step to create his own titanium frame and components. We firmly believe titanium is the best material for bicycle frames and components. It’s the ideal combination of strength, comfort and lightweight. Here are three great component options for your Kona Custom bike.

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O-Beam Titanium Seatpost
Natural suspension without wasting energy. Made of Kona 3-2.5 titanium alloy, this 400mm long seatpost weighs only 200 grams.


20160526-Kona-Details-TiTuesday-285820160526-Kona-Details-TiTuesday-2860Velocity Titanium Stem
Titanium version of the Velocity DB stem. Constructed with Kona 3-2.5 titanium alloy. Made in 110mm, 130,, and 150mm lengths.

20160526-Kona-Details-TiTuesday-2861Project Two Titanium Fork
An amazing feat of engineering. Solid 6-4 titanium alloy is machined to make an incredibly strong and resilient steerer column and dropouts. Welded to straight 3-2.5 titanium alloy blades, this fork has excellent torsional rigidity, incredible strength and comfort. It weighs 625 grams, about 1.5 pounds lighter than a suspension fork. We think it’s the ideal all round cross-country fork.