I’m not a racer. I’m just a Marketing guy at Oakley, trained in Industrial Design, living in NH, who travels without a bike more than I’d like. I love the work travel, don’t get me wrong, it just makes for an inconsistent riding routine. While I have a small collection of bikes, this one is my go to. I, like many others, have a thing for titanium. Lets get that out there. The feel of Ti combined with the simplicity of rigid single speed and a reliable build means it is the grab-and-go option when time is tight. I love working on my bikes but I don’t like when it robs me of ride time.


I originally had the frame built with an X-Fusion Trace fork, full XT 2×10 group and Thomson cockpit. I loved the bike. I have no complaints about any of the original build and still have those parts on other bikes. It was the fit and feel of the Raijin frame that convinced me in short time this could be my “Goldielocks”. I currently have two other single speed mountain bikes, one is a Scanduim 29er with a 100mm fork, and the other is also rigid titanium but w/ 26” wheels. I don’t need two and I certainly don’t need three but the goal was to build a third so I could end up with one. I acquired some new parts, pulled out the torque wrench, and got to work. The result was just what I hoped for. A light, quick, comfortable bike that could do everything the other two could with the added option of converting back to 2×10 and/or a suspension fork. Success. Now I need to find someone who wants to buy a single speed or two?


20” Raijin frame w/ QR SS sliders (geared and 12mm on stand by in the tool box), Lynskey titanium layback seatpost for added comfort with a Specialized Phenom 143 saddle (it just fits right).


Theres a lot of Utah up front with Enve’s Sweep Bar (9 Degree) and Ergon GE1 Grips


A Enve MTN Rigid Fork (set to 52mm rake)


And its all rounded off with an Enve Mountain Stem (70mm, -6 Degree) and a Chris King Inset 7 Headset. Oh there’s also  K-Edge mount for the Garmin I rarely use.


The whole SS stetup kicks off with a Problem Solvers BB adapter, XT BB, XT Pedals, XT 2x Cranks w/spacers and a 32t Race Face ring


Out back I’m running a Surly 3/32 x 20t cog and a Wheels MFG SS spacer kit.



XT Brakes do the stopping.


Spinergy Xyclone Wheels and…


…Kenda Small Block Eight’s are the current tire wheel combo for the current frozen dirt conditions


There’s a Bell so I don’t feel like I’m yelling at people or spooking them.



This build came together to prove to myself one versatile build that checks all the boxes will allow me to let go of a couple. If I make any changes down the line I’d trim the front, and reroute the rear brake lines, build up a light yet reliable dedicated single speed wheelset with /12mm TA hub and wider rims to accommodate higher volume tires. I may also pick up a 27.2 Thomson Dropper Post for the days the saddle gets in the way.

Thanks to Dale Plant for helping me out when I bought this frame and thanks to the whole crew for designing a rad line of bikes and continuing to release titanium offerings.