Some of you may have seen this bike on a few weeks back, but if you haven’t you are in for a very pleasant surprise. Angel Rivera at Sixes Pit Bike Shop in Georgia has put this X-Men Colossus inspired Ti Honzo together and the thing just plain oozes radness. “We like to build custom superhero theme bikes from time to time. It is only under very special circumstances. We have a couple of rules before we build.

• The customer never picks superhero. Just colors
• We never reveal the identity of the customer
• We never tell the price of the build.

For this build we focused heavily on the color of the parts and the Ti of the frame. Colossus was born.

Colossus-X-Men-Marvel-Comics-metal-h01 X-Men character Colossus served as the inspiration for this amazing Ti Build.

IMG_6648No expense was spared putting the parts kit together. Luckily for Sixes Pit, Hope still make lots of orange and red parts.

Photographer Ross Monckton captured the complete Colossus in all its finished glory.

Custom Hope Tech 3 brakes.


Subtle touches like the orange Hope BB matched with the red Hope cranks show the attention to detail that Angel put into this build.

More Hopetastic goodness… Hope floating discs, Hope Pro 4 Hubs and Spank wheels.


Two Pistons out the back, four up front for a tad more modulation.

Spank’s Spoon stem, a Thomson ti bar and a Cane Creek 110 headset = SEXIMG_6674Just cos’ we love that stem, bar, headset combo we thought wed show you it again… Right now.


Its got a seat!IMG_6681And finally the Pike decals got kicked to the curb in favor of some cool custom Colossus ones, just the icing on one amazing cake.