DSC00526The initial build on this bike was very XC—floppy 32mm stanchion fork, 2.1 tires, narrow rimmed wheels, but I realized pretty quickly that the bike’s geometry screamed, “DO STUPID STUFF!” Only problem was, I didn’t have the landing gear to back it up. So I got a 120mm Rockshox Pike, 28mm wide Vittoria Deamion wheels, and a mismatched set of Vittoria tires with TNT sidewall protection—Morsa 2.3 in the front for the smashing power and the fast rolling yet durable Mezcal 2.35 in the rear.


Those additions coupled with the KS Lev dropper post (with very ergonomic Southpaw lever), 762mm Easton bar, and 50mm Race Face stem makes for a super capable bike. With the cockpit set up like it is and the short chainstays, I feel like I can roll up to drop at nearly zero mph, snap the bike out and level it off before landing.


Brakes are XT, grips are Race Face, and the bar plugs are slightly special, Shadow Conspiracy Dead Bolt bar ends. The guys at the shop recommended them because I’m always knocking my bar plugs out (might have something to do with running 762s in tight New England trees) and they don’t want to me taking a core sample of my face, again. They’re nice guys.



Drivetrain is comprised of a Wolf Tooth elliptical 32t ring. There’s no real discrepancy in chain tension and it gives the gear an easier feel, which is key on the singlespeed. Easier to turn over where you’re weaker, harder to turn over where you’re stronger. I almost feel like I can run one tooth fewer in the rear and still turn the cranks over in the same way. Cog is an Endless Bike Kick Ass Cog for the smoothness and the bling factor. A good product made by great people in the USA. Chain is a SRAM 9 speed chain because it works fine and I like to be able to remove the powerlink by hand and swap sections of chain in and out depending on the gear I’m running. Cranks and pedals are XT because they work.


Saddle is a WTB Rocket because my butt has always liked WTB saddles. The doohickey on the rails is a K-Edge Go Big GoPro saddle rail mount for when I shoot race videos for DirtWireTV. One of the most stable mounting spots and coolest angles for the GoPro.


Last but not least, the bottle cage is a SSWC09 Durango edition ti King Cage made right in front of me by the man himself, Ron Andrews. You’ll never lose a bottle and if you do, just squeeze it down and you’ll really never lose a bottle.


I was a dedicated singlespeeder for over ten years but then my interest moved more toward trail bikes and I lost the singlespeed love for a while but now, with a singlespeed that handles like a trail bike, I have jumped back in, hard.


All credit to JRA Cycles in Medford, Mass for the build.