In the autumn of 2018 cross season was about to kick off in Finland. A local enduro race team, Alapelti, thought it would be a great idea to sign up. Unluckily (well luckily really), team rider Veiko didn’t have a cross bike, so borrowed a Ti Rove off racer Dani Härginen. It was his first-ever ride with SPD’s and SRAM electronic shifting, but it wouldn’t be his last ride on the frame. The following week, Veiko purchased the frame and fork off Dani and began the process of sourcing parts to build it up as his one do-everything-whatever-bike

Veiko made smart choices with the build and started hunting high and low for suitable second-hand parts. In fact almost the whole build is sourced used, only the handlebar, the Wolftooth 42t oval front chainring, and the stem are new, the rest of the build is preloved. 

The SRAM Force/XX1 drivetrain is second hand.

As is the CSC 55 wheels.

That Salsa Cowchipper 1 460mm wide bar and tape where purchased new, but the headset had already seen use.

The Deda Zero 90mm stem is one of the few new purchases on this build.

The SRAM Force stoppers are, you guessed it, second hand, as is the Easton EC90XD fork.

Continuing (and completing) the used theme, the Thomson setback seat post clamps tight a sexy new Frabic Spoon saddle.