Words by Ambassador Clara Cendoya Ibanez. Photos by Fernando Calle Prieto.  

And it happens!! Summer holidays are here and with them, time to travel!! It’s the moment to start thinking and planning the different travels we want to do to bike parks around Europe, the bicycle paradises.

For this year we taught in order to visit again, but this time with more days and time to enjoy it. The bike park of Serfaus Fiss Ladis in the Tirol, Austria.

The Tirol is a beautiful and wonderful place, with dreamy views and happy people.But it is even better if you decide to visit it with your bicycle.

Ponferrada, Spain

It is going to be a great adventure because we are going to travel by car this time. A little Volkswagen Polo from the 90’s will bring us there, with no air conditioner, with all the luggage and bicycle equipment in there, and also our two Kona Process in there. From Spain to Austria, almost 24h… Are we crazy??

It will be worth it for sure because once we get there, this amazing place will be waiting for us. The bike park is so much fun with super long and natural trails.

Days start at 2400 meters high on the top of the mountain and ends with several downhills to the bottom of the mountain at 1300 meters where the bike park is. It’s perfect for achieving goals and encouraging and practicing jumps.

By the end of the day, those icy Austrian beers will be waiting for us. Bar, terraces with magical views. It is a perfect plan!!

After this beautiful travel and experience, we will be back home. We will go to the north of Spain to a no less desirable place called Ponferrada. It’s a city surrounded by a lot of mountains and another paradise to keep enjoying our Processes! It’s pure enduro biking, lots of uphills and peddling.

It’s wonderful to visit this place while practicing your favorite sport. I’m learning the downhills from everywhere I ‘ve visited.

But Ponferrada has something special. The food and eating are the best.

These are magical places and for sure for our Kona Process. Can you imagine a better plan?