Mountain bike racing is taking off in the tiny Himilayan Kingdom of Bhutan. In Bhutan’s first ever cross country race, Kabesa Village to Thimphu, March  20, champion Mr. Sonam Tshering takes home a Kona Fire Mountain while Mr. Kuenga, second place finisher, nabs a Kona Lana’i.

A second event, the Dantak Open Mountain Bike Race, April 17, ran a 100 km road circuit at 2200 metres from Thimphu to Paro return. Roads in Bhutan require fat tires. Skinnies get you nowhere fast.

Bhutan’s Olympic committee hosted that event and is now promoting the Tour of the Dragon – a 268 km, single day, four mountain pass race winding through Bhutan’s inner Himalayas.  Elevation change ranges from 1200m to 3340m. Bhutan’s mountains are like the folds of an accordion, tightly meshed together. The event is to be held Saturday, September 3rd. For more information on the Tour of the Dragon event go to

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