With the successful premiere last year the TrailTrophy in Bichofsmais 2021 got into its second year.

The Bikepark Bischofsmais with its huge amount of technical and flowy trails combined with nice wooden surrounding promised two days of superb trail riding and blind racing. A few stages were fresh cut into the wood combined with parts of the Bikepark stages. Matthias and I teamed up at my hometown Würzburg and drove straight into the Bavarian Forrest to one of the most traditional mountain bike venues in Germany. The Bischofsmais downhill track had seen a lot of races and championships over the past two decades.

Two “Enduro” named tracks with roots and rocks and tight corners were maybe the most demanding stages this weekend. On the other hand we got the flow trail with ton of berms and tables. And the best part for us, as always, is the rough downhill ride with gaps and rock-gardens everywhere. Cold in the morning, the sun warms up during the day with little rain showers here and there so we had slightly slippery race conditions the whole weekend. And again like last year we had a good mix of physical XC style stages and steep technical demanding parts.

Naturally as a flat pedal rider those types of pedaling stages take me to my personal limits. While I got a few Top5 times in the steep sections my stage times over flat terrain were mostly just in the Top20. So I found myself after two days, nearly 50km and 3000hm in a Top15 spot. Training calendar is already scheduled for the winter .

On the other hand Matthias as a clipless rider got a few top results in that parts but had two crashes in the fast sections which put him a little back as well. Our 2021 Process X did an excellent job as always. And now it’s time to go to the next race in Switzerland.

Stay tuned!

Words by Stefan Westerveld