Treacherous talus field snow zone.

The final day at the Trans BC Enduro was a doozy. The day started with a bus ride up a dirt road. Once the bus got stuck riders got in a van and drove that up hill until that got stuck. Then everyone saddled up and pedaled/hiked another two hours to the summit of Bald Face Mountain.

After traversing snowy talus fields and running creek beds, the start of stage one came into sight.


Mega climb to start the day

Dropping 900 meters in 1.4 km the trail had braking fingers clenched as gradients approached 69 degrees. Tumbling out onto the logging landing was sweet relief before the final two stages on Swampy Donkey and Shannon Pass.

Kona riders Kris and Barry survived each stage with growing arm pump, and were full of stoke as the final liaison delivered them to the beach front in Nelson BC for celebratory beers and high fives.


Fire danger was low so riders got to warm up at mid day fire stops.

With that the inaugural Trans BC Enduro was complete. Kris and Barry tested the limits of their Process 111 DL bikes and come away with a new appreciation for 200mm brake rotors, chunky soft rubber tires, dropper seat posts, and the unbelievable mountain bike communities in Eastern BC.