Just got back from the Trestle Park Enduro in Winter Park and it was a blast! The race consisted of 5 stages in the bike park over 3 days. Friday was a long Chainless race, which I had never done. Saturday had three 12-15 min stages and Sunday was a 25 min race from the top of the mountain to the base. It started to rain on Friday right before the start of the Chainless race, which made things a lot different. I decided to hang it all out (of course) and caught my 30 sec man with a successful pass with no way to really judge my speed or when I was going to need to pass. I kept it pretty loose, but maybe too loose and went down before a high speed section that cost me some valuable time. Dang! I woke up Saturday and could barely walk from my crash, but now it was time to pedal. I attacked the first stage knowing I had to play catch up. This time I caught my 30 second and my minute man! Although, I burped air out of my front tire in a high speed berm and was trying to nurse it to the finish over a bunch of blind drops that were elevated wood structures…..needless to say, I went down again very hard. At this point I was very disappointed and decided that I would just try to get down the mountain without crashing. Stages 3 and 4 went better with me finishing right behind Mark Weir for both stages.

The 5th and final stage was catered slightly more toward the folks that could pedal, but the race started at 11,000 feet. Not too good for those of us who live next to the bottom of the river. Although, I have to say that I really like how they started the final stage. It was based on you accumulated time from the previous 4 stages. So, the lowest time went first, then second lowest, but only by the amount of time that you were behind. It was fun to have people to race against but not have the cluster of a mass start. I had clawed my way from 21st to 10th place for the final stage starting position. About 1minute and 30 seconds from the leader. I was motivated to catch some racers on my way to the finish and did just that to finish 8th overall in this first year event. Rad Ross Schnell took the win fair and square…..I guess….even though he designed all the courses, and is acclimated to sprinting in the woods without oxygen….

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