The past couple of weeks I had the opportunity to drive the Kona demo van and trailer to the Colorado Crankworx event and help out Willy Warren with the demo there. Leaving in the middle of the PNW heat wave couldn’t have been better timing as it was 65 degrees pretty much the hole time in Winter Park. Driving the van proved to a challenge in and of itself. Averaging 50 mph getting to Colorado made for long days and a lot of coffee.

Upon arriving in Colorado I was greeted with a fistful of PBR and a warm smile from Willy. Getting to know Willy better on this trip was one of the better benefits and provided endless entertainment. You could sense how appreciated Willy was in the local scene, his picture grazing every advertisement Winter Park had to offer.

The event had some challenges due to rain, but the crew coped with it and still put out a stellar Crankworx. I was super impressed with the hard riding and sick airs the athletes were pulling off. Big props to the Clump team as they made a impressive showing with Paul Bass nailing one of his runs and holding onto third! Another shout out goes to Willy Warren pulling out a top 10 finish in the pro DH race, showing he still has the skills to pay the bills.

Till next time,
Trevor Torres

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