We kicked CX season off two weekends ago with Go Cross and we ended it this past weekend with Turkey Cross. A sad fact indeed but, with fingers cross, 2021 is looking more optimistic and the lack of a CX season this year has stoked the fire to get between the tape. Also, while this was the last race of 2020 for me it was also the first…

Located just east of Johnson City, Tn, Winged Deer Park provided us with the last cx race/last race of any kind for 2020. We arrived in our RV on Friday night, got out our leveling blocks, and set up in the parking lot for the weekend.

I woke up Saturday reminiscing how just a year ago waking up in a CX venue parking lot was par the course. This year not so much. Regardless, we settled into our normal routine. Breakfast, looking up the course schedule, checking for the best open course time for laps, and planning our day accordingly.

This was especially crucial for me as I set my major jake up as a single speed for the weekend and I didn’t have time to test it out before we left for the race on Friday. I got on course for the first time Saturday and crossed my fingers that I picked a good chain tensioner off of amazon and also that my gear ratio was at least somewhat close.

The course was really well laid out. I realized, not too long after being between the tape, that I had actually raced at this venue before during my collegiate days while at Lees McRae College. I can’t recall exactly but this course was for sure one of the first I had ever raced.

Due to COVID and the impending holiday season attendance wasn’t that high but the crew that put on the race did a good job with the course lay out and I was on a mission to give this single speed thing a go.

After coming off the line a few spots back, it takes a little bit of time to wind up that 42×18, I quickly made my way to the front and found that my gear ratio was awesome. I was a little nervous that the single speed may be somewhat of a hinderance but it proved to be the opposite. Weighing in about 2lbs lighter than my geared bike and possessing the proper gear ratio I was able to keep the hammer down all 60min.

Day 2 saw more or less the same as day one with the exception of the course being run backwards. It actually flowed better this way and once again proved to be a good track for the one speed wonder my jake had become.

And just like that the sun had set CX season.

Big thanks to the 423 cycling crew for putting on the last race of 2020 in my region. It certainly did not quench my thirst or quell my CX fever but rather ignited a fire. While I will have to take that heat and apply it to other two wheeled endeavors in the back of my mind I’ll be thinking about the 2021 CX season and how much more fight I will have to offer towards it come next fall.