Our man in Vancouver, Demo Dave, rides a lot. And he has buddies who ride a lot. And sometimes, because they’re such modern guys, they write poems about riding a lot.

A poem from Tyler:

Summer is almost over and done
but boy did we all have some fun
riding our Konas on Vancouver trails
bridges made of wood and nails

jumping off them fun in the air
nothing to worry not even a care
unless dave crashes and makes a cloud
cant see only hear him screaming loud

I jumped off my bike to avoid his head
then found myself in a bushy bed
or when we are riding heart of D
behind my head I cannot see

Scooby Drew beside me on a jump
I whipped him off then heard him thump
So many wicked good times were had
I cant remember anything bad

More good times will come and go
We’ll always be super friends  fo sho!