¼” of Mud over frozen ruts. All that means is that after ½ the race your bikes is covered in a frozen sheet of mud that cant be washed off, and lots of people are crashing.
Lucky for Team Kona, we had the ultimate pit crew of Demo Dave, Marky Mark Bowers, Nick “Punk Rock” Christofalos from Activator cycles, and Matt.
Using screwdrivers, tire levers and anger, they furiously chipped away at the stubborn mud while we riders lapped the course doing our best not to crash or flat.
Everyone rode well. Old man Tonkin even got himself into the top 20 by the end. Spencer was 17th, Boobs 24th, and I somehow rode my way into a finish line sprint for 10th. I am pretty sure if the race went on for 2 more hours we would have swept the podium, but that is not how CX works.
Now everyone is back home, and has the Flu, but we will mark it down in our book as a great success and an awesome time. Enjoy the video!