MATT FRITZINGER USED TO laugh off suggestions that he grow his NorCal High School Cycling League to a national level. After all, he had enough on his plate as it was running the first-ever high school mountain bike league, an idea he conceived more than a decade ago while teaching math at Berkeley High School.

But, slowly things progressed. The NorCal League, established in 2001, ballooned from fewer than 100 riders in its first year to 500 kids on more than 40 teams by 2008. That year, the SoCal High School Cycling League formed with 14 teams and 100 riders thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Easton Foundations. Word started spreading and requests for leagues flooded in from nearly every state.

It became apparent to Fritzinger that some sort of national governing body would be necessary to facilitate new league development and promote and establish mountain biking as a legitimate interscholastic sport.

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