Amanda and her brand new Shonky Inc.

Amanda and her brand new Shonky Inc.

Location: The Bourbon

It was a cool fall evening, riders were arriving, everyone was getting pretty stoked. Larry from Freeride rolled in with a familiar box labelled Shonky Inc. We were talking about how we could give it away, wow we came up with a bunch of stupid ideas. I told Larry we’d think of one before show time. Ding- A Strip Off.

Five contestants on stage, first one without any clothes wins the frame. This would be a audience judged event. Larry loved it! When it was go time the audience went nuts. It was easy to get five eager people, after all there were only 50 of these limited edition Canada only frames made. 1 tall skinny guy, 1 Justin Wiper (NSMB Rider). And three total babes. By now the crowd is getting loud and Larry calls out ‘GO’.

I’m pretty sure the Skinny guy and Wiper were first to have all their clothes off with one hand in the air and the other looking after a few things, but the crowd couldn’t care about those naked dudes, the ladies were franticly carching up. The stage was naked. We had to turn to the crowd to call this one. The guys were Boo’d off. It was down to Ladies 1,2,3. The crowd was going nuts by now Ladies 1 and 2 were getting the biggest cheers. It went back and forth between the two until Lady #1 emerged victorious, butt naked holding a new Kona Shonky Inc. frame.

Oh ya, and the movie was good too.

Denim Dave