A little look into the life of ambassador Matt Harris. Filmed and edited by ambassador Peter Wojnar.

Matt Harris’s life has centred on mountain biking for a long time. He’s been many things, including a coach, a trail builder, a friend to many, an excellent rider, and a Kona ambassador. When he and his partner Katie opened their ice cream shop, Alice & Brohm, they did it with the support of the Squamish bike community, and brought their ice cream trailer to community events and local races all over the trail network. You can feel the community support when you see how many people end their rides at the shop.

“This piece shines a light on a regular home lap for me. Standard issue in the summer, after a day of swirling at our store Alice & Brohm. Chasing the light, often with friends and dogs. There is a certain greatness about chasing the fading light, the golden hue’s falling on the land. The sense of place is strong here, just before dipping the tires in. Pausing for a moment to take it all in, sip on a cold brew and toss a few sticks. The moments that follow are full of weaving and laughing. Four legs holding tight inside lines. A empty yet engaged mind floating through the woods. Left, right, pushing, pulling. The bike dancing under me. Bliss. One great thing about slowing down is that time opens up and moments begin to align with others. These moments can spark creativity and storytelling that sometimes hide from the spot light. This piece is the beginning of a series of vignettes, Squamish folks. Stories told from our community in Squamish, BC. Created and captured by Peter Wojnar.”  -Matt Harris