“The original Wah Wah made quite a name for itself in the flat pedal world, so Kona had to make sure to do it justice when updating it. Mission accomplished – the Wah Wah 2 is a modern flat pedal which offers excellent grip and a positive feel in a suitably wide and thin package. A combination of bearings and bushings offer a solution for good longevity while keeping the overall profile slim, and the rear-loading pins are easy to replace if need be. The Wah Wah is back!” 

After spending a few months on our new composite Wah Wah pedal (review here) we thought it best to send Johan at VitalMTB a pair of the aluminum version to see how they measured up. Well, after a few months riding, the verdict (and the review) is in and it seems just like their little composite brothers the all-new Wah Wah II pedal has won yet another fan.

Check out the full review here.

Comparing the alloy Wah Wah 2 to the winners in our flat pedal Face Off, we’d give it between an 8 and a 9 in the “grip” score, leaving the pedal in a position to challenge for a spot on the podium thanks to a strong performance when it comes to weight, physical dimensions, and longevity.

You can purchase the pedals directly from our web stores here (USA/International) and here(Canada) or hit up your local Kona dealer.