The updated 2021 Process 153 29 DL kind of slipped under the media radar last year, but there was no chance of that happening with the bright gloss metallic yellow 2022 colorway. Vital has applauded the geo changes from the 2020 bike, welcoming the slacker head angle, increased reach and steeper seat angle “The result is a bike that descends like a monster, changes direction responsively, and feels even more glued in the turns.”

But they don’t stop there, praising the spec, ease of setup, and all-around ride quality. 

“Pedal up. Party down. Repeat. The 2022 Kona Process 153 DL 29 is still the gravity shredding animal with playful attributes that we grew to love in previous iterations. With some updates to the geometry, it is now even more capable on the steep stuff. At a very reasonable price point, this year’s Process 153 DL 29 may appeal to many riders who are ready to take their all-mountain/enduro game several levels up. The Process 153 DL is incredibly fun to ride on all sorts of trails; from all-day epics to shuttle laps on some steep gnar, to lunch loops, and whatever else you ride. In any situation, the Process 153 DL had us grinning.

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