The Kona Gravity team made the long trek from Scotland to Austria earlier this week and were greeted with sunny skies and a welcome warm breeze, unfortunately the rains of Scotland soon followed. Luckily for the riders, media and spectators the high winds and cold temperatures haven’t come along for the ride.


This is Kona’s world. Photo: Duncan Philpott

Kona and Connor Fearon have done well here at Leogang with a 9th here last year in what was probably one of the most memorable World Cup events of the season. All of last year’s action went down on a track that most riders and media on the World Cup circuit think is a little bit to bike park in nature.  After yesterday’s course walk it seems the UCI course delegate and the Leogang organizers have listened, as they have made some pretty big alterations to the track.


The view at Leogang never gets old. Photo: Duncan Philpott

They have cut brand new lines through freshly felled trees in a number of places, and have gotten a little creative with the course tape both up top out in the open and at the bottom of the track. In fact the final monster step-down is now almost half as wide as it was last year. Given the fact that one rider drifted over the tape in their final run last year it will definitely be a change worth making a serious mental note of.


Connor and Andrew make their way down one of the new loamy fresh cut lines which divert riders away from the fast gravel covered bike park tracks. Photo: Duncan Philpott


“If we had 16″ BMX’s we could have a whip-offs right there” Photo: Duncan Philpott


The team contemplating weather to huck or tuck. Photo: Duncan Philpott


Looking down one of the new fresh cut lines. It’s going to reduce time on an already fast track. Photo: Duncan Philpott


Hmmmm. Loam. Photo: Duncan Philpott



Peaking in the pits. Photo: Duncan Philpott


….and then the rains arrived and stuck around long enough to remind everyone that its not a World Cup without inclement weather! Photo. Duncan Philpott


The Kona Supreme Operators are ready for today’s mud and a full day of Practice! Photo: Duncan Philpott