Words by Ambassador Brookyn Bell. Photo by Matt Robeke.

Into the cycle I go.

One of the goals for this season of riding was let it all wash over me. To be all in. To live by the dirt.

Last week I logged my 100th day on bikes since April. Documenting every day like a crazy person.

Some days were devoted to connecting with the dirt while others were devoted to fitness. Days devoted to the steep, the fast and the chutes that fall into nowhere.

Some days didn’t even feel like riding. I was lost in my mind, in human connection, in the trailside stories. Some days gravity or time didn’t exist.

The days leading up to my 100th day were some of the most memorable. Last weekend I remember sitting by the river post-race, almost in tears. The almost tears that ask why? Why would I be so lucky to ride?

Wash, rinse and Repeat 🤘🏽✨