Rider (Swimmer) Simone Medici and photographer Alex Luise have provided some of the most creative content of the year!

Last year we kicked off our ambassador program with smashing success. Hundreds of people from all over the world applied to help spread the Kona stoke and we could not be happier with the crew we assembled for 2019. From incredible photographers to super creative writers, cooks, artists, and filmers, we had a nonstop flow of really cool and creative content. It’s time to add more creatives to the mix!

Siblings and ambassaors Ryan and Becky Gardner often team up on their themed contributions.

So how does it work? The Kona Ambassador program is based around themes. Ambassadors are given a new theme to work with roughly every six weeks. Our 2019 themes have been: winter, light, the longest days, time travel, and lost and found. We will be switching up a few things in the program for 2020 but there will still be themes that ambassadors will be able to work with to create their projects.

Colt Fetters likes to get crafty with his photos.

What’s in it for you? Well, sweet deals on bikes, of course! We’ll also give you some Kona swag to rock too! We’re also available to help you ensure you have the tools needed to create your best projects. This could be as simple as providing creative feedback and brainstorming or assisting with costs associated with photography or video, helping you get to a cool location, or just helping you find other like-minded ambassadors to work with. These requests will be handled and considered on a case-by-case basis throughout the year.

Barry McWilliams has created cool illustrations for almost all of the 2019 themes.

We are excited to expand the program into 2020 by adding more ambassadors to the program and providing more support for their projects! Here’s what we are looking for in applicants:
-Super creative people
-People that like to collaborate
-People with the ability to create their own content or partner with a fellow ambassador to create content
-People that are excellent community stewards
-People that really, really love Kona

Gretchen Leggitt created this mind-blowing animation that depicts her 900km bikepacking tour from Bellingham to the Bugaboos!

Does this sound like you? Read on for how to apply!

Please email your answers to the following questions to ambassadors@konaworld.com by midnight PST on Friday, November 15th to be considered. Applications received after that deadline will not be reviewed.

  1. Please tell us a bit about yourself in a couple of sentences. (Please include your location)
  2. If you could ride any Kona bike anywhere for a week, which bike would you choose and where would you go?
  3. What makes you unique in the cycling world?
  4. What kind of content are you able to create? Can you provide us with any examples?
  5. If you peruse through the 2019 ambassador contributions, which pieces resonate most with you, and why?
  6. Who inspires you most in the biking world and why?
  7. Why should you be a 2020 Kona ambassador?
The 2019 cast of Kona Ambassadors. Are you next?

Feel free to be as creative as you want with your applications, but don’t feel like it’s required. A written response will get just as much consideration as a microsite or a video. We just want to see WHO you are.