Words: Chad Cheeney Photos: Grady James Photography

The Ska Brewing Circuit Race, done and dusted. Nothing beats weeknight bike racing in your hometown. You do work all day, superman kit up and dash out the door for a timely spin to the venue. Lovely.

I felt pretty darn Grassroots on this day. In the am I was out at the Brewery with my McCloud, busting up the overgrown singletrack portion of the race track. Sweaty, calloused palms blistering and starting to bleed from months of no shovelwork. Two hours and I had to blast. A sweaty cross town commute back home for cheeseburgers and water. A quick shower, play with the Boy and Wife, and kit up to lead the junior team I coach, Durango Devo, on a cross town “chill” ride to the race. Amazingly linked up some random singletrack southward, down the Animas River to link up to Ska Brewing with the kiddos all in tack. Whew, made it with 30 minutes to start.

Whirlwind of a day for sure. But that’s what it always is right?

The race had all the Durango sluggars and yada yada yada, Howard Grotts took Todd Wells in a keg lined sprint finish and Payson McElveen rolled in for third. Classic showdown for sure and the small town crowd was in awe nonetheless. I took a good start and held on for all I could to finish 8th. The fans where friends and family so the cheers where jolly and unrestricted. Seemed like we put on a good show.

The Ska Brewing Circuit Race is part of a 6 race series that happens in Durango, Colorado from May through October. Short Tracks, Time Trials, Enduros and Circuit Races are the usual suspects and new ideas are always welcome. Ran by Durango Devo, a local junior development program that I co-created, and a local race club, the series is mainly a training tool for the juniors in town, and a good fun training night for the cycling community. So Grassroots!