In this installment, a DH frame travels the world in the name of kid

Memphis has always meant Smokey and the Bandit to me; for some reason the movie stuck it in my head. Besides BBQ and a music scene it also has a FedEx superhub, and when you get a message like, “inclement weather in Memphis” on the FedEx tracking site you know it can mean ripples around the world.

There’s a line from the song that says “We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there” and that was never truer for a young racer who’d crushed his bike and needed a new frame. Some things like DH bikes are only made once a year, and when they’re all sold they are all gone. To get a new one the factory needs to set their current work aside and run a special one off. To top it off, a clock is ticking down to a once in a year, maybe once in a
lifetime race that, without this new bike, young guy will be relegated to spectator status.

All the staff in the frame shop and the rest of the factory worked extra magic and a new frame is in the box. That box is now in a plane, but the tracking number is giving that weather related message, and planes are scrambling to other hubs around the world. You can watch the box visit Alaska and other points while the phone rings daily with the same question: “Where is it?” And every day there’s the same answer: “Not yet.” It’s like the end of school, Christmas and your birthday rolled together and repeatedly deferred one day at a time. Ouch.

It’s Friday now and the package cleared customs and is on a delivery truck somewhere in the city, it sill takes till five to get to the door, but just a little while later the bike is coming together and a few days later delivers a top 10 result.

Next stop, Boston?