Cupper, our long-time warranty maven, sounds off of the unfairness of four bar foolhardiness

Today’s suspension lie will be the term “Faux Bar.”

Faux Bar is a Bogus Science term that folks with no real understanding of the physics of a bicycle made up and had other like minded people latch onto
(from now on I’ll refer to Bogus Science by it’s short form, B.S.). Maybe they just had trouble counting to four, I don’t know.

You can perform a check at home of your bike, to find out if has four bars for your own piece of mind: Shock that’s one, rocker makes two, seatstay, getting closer with three, and last, the chainstay which comes up as four. There you go, you do have four bars there. Just like a pantograph which is also a four bar mechanical linkage that predates suspension bikes by a long time. Unless you’re an expert in B.S. and then you can call it something else.