We all know the enduro format by now. Climb up and then be timed on the downhills. Well, it’s time to usher in the era of the Climbduro. Type-2 enthusiasts everywhere can rejoice! Adventure Team Type-2 specialist Cory Wallace just competed in the Climbduro in Bragg Creek, Alberta. It also just happened to be his birthday. Here is Wallace’s race report for your viewing pleasure.

location: Bragg Creek, AB, Canada

This past weekend I raced the Climbduro in Bragg Creek Alberta on my Birthday.  It’s a new race in its second year in which there are two uphill timed segments and then some transitional, non-timed downhill segments    Basically a backward enduro, a pretty cool addition to the ever transitioning race schedule.  I raced the Honzo and took both stage wins and the overall which equated to $1000 cash prize + $3000 in product, a very welcomed birthday present!  

The first stage consisted of an 8km flat section on pavement before heading up the steep Husky fire road.  There were some guys on cross bikes which made it tough to mark them on the pavement but once we hit the gravel climb the Honzo took over.  By the top, I had just over a 30 second lead on Alberta’s Road Provincial champ, Andrew Davidson.

The 2nd climb started on 3 km of smooth trail before hitting the Moose mountain fire road to the top.  I managed to drop everyone on the trail section and then could cruise in on the fire road to take the Climbzilla title for the weekend.   The racing was shorter then I’m used to at about 25 minutes per climb, but the intensity was perfect to spike the system a little before heading off to Brazil this Monday for the 24 Hour World Solo Champs.   The Honzo has been a beast of a bike this year, tackling everything from gnarly BC races like the Nimby 50 and Spakuwas 50, matching up with the best down at Trans Costa Rica, to taking the W at a 3-day stage race in Mexico, and now this Climbzilla title.  It’s pretty rad to have a bike which is just at home on techy trail as it is on long fire road climbs!

Off to put in the last couple days of training here in my hometown of Jasper before tacking some epic travel days down to South America.