This is it. All the prep leading up to the big show finally got to showcase itself! Go Cross 2020 hosted a small, limited participation event, at Fallon Par, which served as the first CX race of the year (potentially the last) for many of us. But first we had to set the thing up! So Friday a bunch of us showed up for staking and taping. It takes an army, but the more people that help the faster it all goes.

Tilling the sand pit (obviously Sherman was there to help)

Saturday’s course showed some resudual mud from the past weeks rain and proved to be a mucky time.

Sunday’s course dried out significantly after Saturday and the crew routed the whole thing backwards to give us racers a bit different of an experience.

The Go Cross crew did a great job of making the event safe and continually stressed the importance of keeping distance as well as mask wearing. All in all it was a great way to scratch that CX fever itch, get between the tape, and remind us just how awesome cx biking is.

Both days had there pros and cons but Sunday’s course seemed to stand out as the best to all that I talked too. With flowy pedal sections and punchy, tricky, off cambers there was a littl bit of everything for every body.

Then after all the fun was had we broke it down. Now the park holds lines from what was an awesome weekend of pushing each other and ourselves. We all feel a greater sense of community after the event, which is something that has been greatly missed over the past few months.

Here’s to hopes this all ends soon so we can get back between the tape!