Week 4 is here and just like that Go Cross looms. The question is, are you (me) ready?

This week was pretty similar to last week with two exceptions. 1, my week was heavier, workout wise, earlier in the week, which left my weekend open for a big exploration ride. This was awesome because the weather was so nice on Saturday/Sunday. 2, my parents came into town for the first time since Emily and I moved here so Em, Sherm, and I got to play tour guide. 

Earlier in the week we kicked things off with some specific workouts. Tuesday was 5x5min vo2 efforts with various cadence changes (I have already established that I am not the best at those low cadence efforts). Starting from 30rpm and increasing over the course of 5min to 90+. 

Wednesday was 4x10min efforts, comprised of alternating 40 sec vo2/20sec endurance riding every minute. I never had done that before and to be honest I’d be ok to never do them again! haha

Thursday was an easy day, though I managed to get some yard work done. There was a tree that needed trimming before my parents came. 

Also, I had to finish off the retaining wall we built by putting the finishing cap stone on. It’s looking on point!

Friday my parents rolled into town and I took my mom up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway for a Sunset cruise, it was gorgeous!

Then we got to business getting the last CX workout done on Saturday at Fallon Park. Instead of doing hot laps we made two short, 2min and 1min, courses and performed all out efforts on those. 

My legs were smoked by this point so a nice 5hr ride on Sunday, north of town, on some new roads was just what the doctor ordered. Frank Deal, Zach Gregg, and I got out to swap stories, he showed me the gems of the surrounding Roanoke area, and I shared some Scandinavian Swimmers (Trader Joe’s version of Swedish Fish and they are way better, just ask Frank). 

All in all a great week with good weather, which was nice because as I sit here writing this it is raining. I don’t care to do too much training in the rain but I am super excited to kick off the “season” with a mudder! Fingers Crossed. 

Next time I check in with you I’ll be two cross races into CX season!