The entire Kona Endurance Team are heading to New Zealand’s South Island in a few weeks to race the first ever seven day Pioneer stage race (you can read the press release here). Now I don’t know about you but i’ve never raced for seven days straight and I was a little curious exactly what you’d pack for an event like this. A quick email to Spencer Paxson yielded the answer, well in photo form, is there anything you think he’s forgotten.


“Hands down the most exciting kickoff to any cycling season that I have ever had! The Pioneer will be seven days in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Over that time we will race 340mi (546km) and nearly 50,000ft (15,000m) of climbing on our mountain bikes. We’ll be camped out in the mountains all but the first and final nights. Packing for off road stage races is always a balance between strategic luxury and efficiency. Some of these items are fresh, others are tried and true companions from some good adventures in the past. Fortunately, the race is providing top-notch food and showers along the way, and the weather looks to be temperate like Bellingham in June. I hear the mountain lakes aren’t too bad, either. Hell yeah!”


Special items:
Flip flops
Ear plugs
Couple books
A couple normal clothes outfits stuffed in compression sacks
Everything organized it its own bag
Crazy creek chair
Exped air mattress
Sleeping bag
Memory foam pillow
Running/travel shoes
Silicone massage cups
Mini foam roller named Tina
Holy trinity: wind vest, wool arm warmers, wool knee warmers
Breathright strips
Mini solar panel charging station
Heart rate monitor
Garmin edge 500 GPS