Kona Ambassador Trevor Browne recently caught up with Kona’s endurance machine, Spencer Paxson to figure out how in the world he can ride so hard for so long. What kind of food voodoo does it take to pull off climbing 32,000 feet in one day?

The short answer:

• 16 bottles of CLIF Hydration (~1,300kcal)
• 2 bottles of regular water (0kcal)
• 1 bottle of coconut water (~150kcal)
• 1 pouch CLIF Organics Beet & Ginger (110kcal)
• 3 packs of CLIF BLOCKS (600kcal)
• 2 CLIF Nut Butter Bars (500kcal)
• 1 can Trader Joe’s Dolmas (~400kcal)
• 1 CLIF Builder Bar (250kcal)
• 1 Whole Foods Pork Burrito (~700kcal)* this was the only nutrition mistake of the day, resolved within an hour
• 1/2 PBn’Honey Sandwich w/ Banana (~200kcal)
• 1/8 block of sharp cheddar cheese (~180kcal)
• 1 Mountain House Chicken Casserole pouch (700kcal)
• 1 Banana and PB (~150kcal)
• 1 Cold Brew coffee w/ honey (~30kcal)
• *Breakfast in the morning was a small cup of coffee (to coax the morning BM at 3 AM!) and • • 1/2cup (dry) teff with maple syrup, almonds, berries, cinnamon, and 2 fried eggs
• more pizza and beers at the finish

Trevor dives into more of Spencer’s messkit and eating habits, which you may find surprising on his blog. You can find the full read here.