Words by Ambassador Bella Roeleveld // Photos by Michelle Pittam

From a young age I have always felt the need to surround myself with people. This is especially true when mountain biking. I can probably count on two hands how many times I have gone mountain biking by myself.

Prior to this year I was also more of a “downhill” oriented rider. Climbing was really not my cup of tea but I knew that learning to love the pain would unlock a whole new world of riding.

When one of my girlfriends asked me to go on a trip to the Chilcotons my answer was obviously yes. I did my fair share of research and the more I learnt the more hesitant I became. This was some serious backcountry. I quickly realized that we would be fending for ourselves on this adventure. To be honest I usually rely on the boys to bring the tools and fix things if they break. I know that sounds terrible but it’s true.

For this ride we would be on our own, just two women alone in the wild with bears the size of trucks roaming around.

We gathered all the necessary tools, packed about triple the amount of food we needed and made sure our expired bear spray was at the ready and we were off.

Being up there with my good friend Michelle felt rad. Two girls out there getting it. This ride really taught me to have more faith in myself and the women around me to get shit done, and that bear spray does indeed expire.. 

The most surprising part was how great our bodies felt which made it a type one fun kind of day. I guess earning your turns has its perks.

It won’t be long till we’re back.