Kris pretending to be Demo Dave. He tried to rip his sleeves off, but ending up tearing his whole shirt off instead.

Day one of the TSE is in the books. Today we had a late start allowing for a relaxed morning and check in. The course today was an 11.11 mile loop of pretty much every possible type of terrain. After the dust mud and sand settled Jeremiah Bishop had open up a can of ass kicking on all of us, but Kris and I were able to continue our inseparable ways and finished 3rd and 4th on the stage, 11 seconds apart, with in half a minute of second place. Tomorrow is the longest stage of a big week of riding. Hopefully we can continue to ride together, but this time ahead of everyone else. Time now to put the legs up, eat some plate sized steaks and dream of sweet single track.
Over and out.

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