The Xterra went well this weekend. I was 4th out of the water, had a good start and was able to hold my own in the swim. My superior navigation skills came into play as well as some guys I was near were swerving all over the place while I kept it nice and straight between the bouys. I knew I would need an advantage going into the run, so after I got out of my wet suit and into my clown suit I hit the pedals hard, quickly taking over the lead on the bike course and laying down a blistering bike split that put me 4:50 ahead by the time the run started. The legs always feel a bit funny making the transition from the bike to the run, and the first 400 meters of the run was on the beach, but I got through this tough patch and found my stride, turning out a 6:38 pace and holding on to victory by a fare margin.

The Xterra last Stand at Ft Custer state park was a great race, excellent organization, quick results and no hick-ups along the way.

Over all results can be found here

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Thanks to Lisa Krauss and Dan Higashi for the photos.