In California, the Fontana Southridge Racing Series is half way through and has no shortage of drama: Race 1 jumped right into the tradition of chundery, technical stages on some of Southridge’s newer enduro courses. Thanks to some early El Nino rain, hero dirt was in full effect and racers were railing berms left and right. Race 2 combined some classic runs of track with improvised cut-ins to the DH courses. There seemed to be dozens of crashes, blown turns, and mechanicals. These courses rewarded the more cautious and consistent riders with better times. Race 3 was insane, 20-30 mph winds stood as stone walls of pedaling resistance on some of the most fitness oriented stages thus far. Each racer finished their runs throughly winded, literally.

There are some clear front runners emerging for the top podium spots overall and many of them are from the new crop of young gun racers challenging the old guard. However, the lower spots on the totem pole remain fair game, particularly for 4th and 5th. This is the area that I occupy, the no mans land between first and last. The spirit of enduro, and racing in general is to be versatile and remain consistent, with your sight always set on the future. I always race with this mantra, keeping fun in mind of course. This is Kona Grassroots rider Willem Bosboom, signing off.