Patrizia and me are really stoked living in a place which is without a doubt one of the best riding spots in the alps. Schöckl Trail Area offers great natural trails and an uplift service transporting mountainbikers over the whole year: Located at the southeast of the alps with Austria´s second biggest city just around the corner the main season starts in march and ends at the end of november, but it´s the winter season that makes this place so unique. Because of the mild climate we´ve the gondola but no ski resort – this turns out to be a jackpot for all mountainbikers… I can remember days with dust on the top in January and February. For sure we get some snow sometimes, but then it´s real snowriding on natural trails so we love it! The uplift runs over 650 meters of height, usually we have the top third on snow, then some wet trails and even dry trails at the bottom third at this time of the year…

As Trail Area is not a classic bikepark The Gap Mountainbiking offers coachings and camps for youth and adult riders at the best parks around – we´re lucky ones, famous parks like Maribor with it´s legendary world cup track and Bikepark Zau[:ber:]g Semmering are just one hour away. We offer coachings for all types of mountainbikers, in fact we also do the most coachings with CC riders also at places with an uplift service – bikeparks simply help rising the efficiency when it comes to technical training! Our season highlight is our Summercamp at Bike Circus Saalbach/Hinterglemm for all the young guns between 9 and 17 years of age – 6 days of descending with all your mates…

As we were really impressed from Bikepark SFL last year we´re working on an adult camp at Bikepark SFL too…more news soon…


Helping out other people improving their riding skills really feels good because we know that we can put a smile on someone´s face and we completely change people´s way to ride…

2014 Highlights:
We had a great year with the official opening of Schöckl Trail Area in march after three years of working for that and made it into a Mercedes G teaser:
The G is produced in Graz since 1975, at Schöckl they have a unique, famous test track for these cars which played a big role when developing it.

Adult Coachings:
Schöckl Trail Area: …all the year
Bikepark Maribor/SLO: April-October
Bikepark Zau[:ber:]g Semmering: May-October
Bikepark Serfaus, Bike Circus Saalbach/Hinterglemm, Bikepark Leogang: please contact us for special dates

Youth Camps:
Bike Circus Saalbach/Hinterglemm: 16.-22. 08. 15, age 9-17
Youth Coachings Bikepark Semmering: May-October


About The G and the coaches:
Patrizia ´Piza´ Posch started to ride about ten years ago…at the parks lots of male riders don´t believe their eyes when she takes her helmet off at the bottom – she is fast, loves to go big and has a very clean riding style… she made Austrian Dh cup podiums after 2 years of riding, won Saalbach Hinterglemm´s World Games Downhill by 10 seconds but realized that riding for fun suits her more than doing races…

Michi Gölles was a 3 times Austrian National DH Champ and studied sport science… the coaching thing started when he took Piza on her first ride at Bikepark Leogang – this was brutal: What he thought to be flat was way too steep for her… they figured out the main problems beginners have with this sport and developed their own coaching system. This seems to work: Manuel Gruber for example entered the first summercamp in the age of twelve. He made it into the The Gap team, got a Kona sponsorship and was trained by Michi until the age of 20. One year later he won the Austrian National Champs, 2014 he rode to his first top ten finish at Windham World Cup… but for us it´s much more important that our way to coach helps all kind of mountainbikers – we made a lot of people feel better on their bikes!

Kona supported The Gap from the beginning in 2004, beside the coaching direction we supported riders like Niki Leitner, Autria´s successful freerider who made it to the Adiridas roster and Manuel Gruber, who already rode to a top ten finish at the dh worldcup. Right now we can´t believe how great our bikes evolved. In fact we did a lot more coachings in the bikeparks on the Process 153 in 2014 because this bike fits so many different trails perfectly. With the new Supreme Operators it´s a hard choice which bike to take – but having this choice makes us grin all the time!

The Gap:

Schöckl Trail Area: