Kris Dennan is a Vermont based Kona rider who, it seems, is starting to well and truly scratch his fat bike itch. He built his first fat bike back in January 2014 and hasn’t looked back. He recently sent in these photos of his latest build(s) of our 2016 Wo, this thing is Three of a Kind. As you can see in the following pictures Kris’ Wo is somewhat of a shape shifter, morphing from a fully fat and full rigid Wo, to a fully fat Wo with Rock Shox Bluto forks and finally to a 27.5+ hard tail trail bike with little baby 3″ tires. Read on for all the details in Kris’s own words.

PB050005Three’s not a crowd
I thought at first that building up a set of 27.5+ wheels with 3″ tires would be probably good for bikepacking. Two years ago a buddy of mine built up a set of 29+ wheels and put them on his Salsa Beargrease, and wasn’t that impressed. So I was pretty sure I wasn’t going that route. Sure, I bet those huge hoops steamroll anything in their path, but I can’t imagine you can get them to change direction in a hurry. I had this idea that maybe the bike would be a better trail bike than a full on fatty and so I went for it.

PB050006I love Hope hubs and BB’s so I got a hold of the new orange Fatsno hubs and built them up to the WTB Scraper 27.5’s. I bolted on a second set of rotors and I am just going to swap the X01 cassette back and forth from the fat wheels, which sport blue Hope’s on the crazy sexy, light HED Big Deals. PB050007

PB050008The drive train is SRAM X01 and Race Face Cinch Turbine cranks with a 28t chainring to put the power to the ground. Stoppers are Guide RSC’s with 180mm Centerline rotors front and rear. I haven’t used the 42 yet with that crazy small chainring, but I think it will come in handy bushwhacking soft snow and bike packing. I’ve had good luck with KS droppers so I put in a LEV 150mm post under a Fizik Aliante Gamma XM saddle. The frame is a large and I’m 6′ tall so my good fit has me running a 70mm Race Face Turbine 35 stem and the bars are Next SL 35’s with Ergon GE1 grips. I have one 10mm spacer under the stem over a tall top cap Cane Creek 110 headset. I’ll be running the stock aluminum fork on the sled trails this winter so I got another 110 crown race to put on my Bluto, which gets it done the other 3 seasons. Time MX8 pedals are simple and bomber. As long as the snow is good and for regular trail work, I have the 45NRTH Flowbeist and Dunderbeist tubeless tires on. For icy conditions I have a pair of studded Dillinger 5’s. I know this thing is gonna be great on snow.

PB250006But the real game changer for me are the Plus sized wheels! I am blown away by what this bike is with these wheels! It is a monster trail bike! I keep having to stop myself from rallying off into the bushes or doing a manual into a pile of downed trees like I was on a moto because the delicate bike parts would get smoked. The bike is like a modern Chute! I used to love that bike and this bike reminds me of what a go anywhere hardtail is like. I was a little worried of the smaller profile knobs on the Maxxis Chronicles when I took them out of the cool bags they came in, but they have handled everything I’ve thrown at them.PB280011

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that the new WO with the + wheels will be my new primary MTB. My favorite ride is long and covers everything you could imagine riding in one day. Such a great bike. Thanks Kona!