image004Women’s Weekend at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland, OH is an event that gives ladies the opportunity to have the bike park all to themselves for a day (Friday) then ride the rest of the weekend at discounted rates. Throughout the park on Friday there will be a dynamic array of professional mountain bike and BMX coaches on hand to give lessons and pointers to ladies as they ride. It is a great opportunity to try the park features with tips from the pros in a fun, encouraging setting along with awesome raffles prizes and fun awards. Leigh Donovan heads up the team of athlete coaches that includes Nina Buitrago (the originator of this event over 10 years ago!), Tammy Donahugh, Cory Coffey, Carley Young, Trish Bromley, Kona’s Angi Weston, and Super Rae Gandolf to name a few.

This event has gotten bigger and better every year with many of the ladies returning year after year as if it has become some sort of shred-sister reunion. Kona’s own Angi Weston will count 2016 as her 8th year in a row coaching the event and it stands as one of her favorites for a few reasons. “Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park is like none other – it is the largest indoor bike park venue I’ve ever ridden with huge rooms attached to other huge rooms just packed full of features to play on and progress skills. When a park this size is filled with around 200 women, it doesn’t even feel crowded and the energy is insane! The coaching line-up is top notch so I pull a lot of inspiration from watching these successful female athletes push their limits and every year even my own personal riding has improved. I also really appreciate how diverse the crowd is with women of all ages, interests, skills, and styles. From BMXers to mountain bikers, moms and daughters, college students and kids, pros and newbies, we all get together and celebrate women who shred on bikes. It really is a special event that I look forward to each and every year.”

Kona Angi2

Angi dug through her photo archives and found this shot of her from the second year she attended Women’s Weekend at Ray’s; circa 2010




Kona Women Ambassadors Angi Weston and SuperRae Gandolf explain the art of pumping before dropping into Ray’s infamous wooden pump track.


Angi Weston entertains the ladies during the opening introduction – welcoming all the ladies and explaining to them the venue lay-out and how the weekend is run helps calm the nerves for newbie’s and build the stoke for everyone.