Well we all know what happened out there. Only about 400 meters into the race I was held up behind a crash. My race was over there and then effectively my dreams of World Champs medal went with it. So I spent the race chasing back through the field from basically the back of the pack.

Depressing, annoying etc etc, but I rode hard. I posted some fast lap time and showed I had what it takes to get up there. Vos was imperious, Compton rode through well to secure silver and Lucie took the bronze. Congrats to all of them.

I had a great time at the championships, spending the build up with my Kona team in the Louisville countryside. A cold in the run up to the event had meant I missed the race in Cincinatti although I’d got rid of the effects of the cold and was confident I’d maintained my form. That is racing, there is nothing you can do. A lot of other people had their dreams disappear as well. Geogia, Meradith, Wendy, Gabby and me were involved. All riders capable of top 10 at least on the day.

I WILL get a chance to ride worlds one year without incident. It seems like a long time ago I got 5th at the world champs, but this has been my best ever season. I’m enjoying racing more than ever this year. I have big plans for the summer and next season although I haven’t got any specific goals planned yet.

The support was unbelievable I have genuinely never had so many people cheer for me the entire way around the course reaching deafening levels in places. For that I want to thank every single person who cheered for me it was truly incredible. Thank you.

America has given us a special and unique world champs. It’s another 13th for me at a world champs, not one for the history books. I’m looking forward to finishing off the season well and trying to push for a good overall spot in the BPost Trophy. To get your form right for the Championships, you compromise a lot of other results, so it will be nice to try to finish the season with a win.