US Mountain Bike National Championships. Mr. Paxson and I, Barry Wicks, are out here in Sun Valley Idaho for the US National championships. Sun Valley is a pretty amazing town. Bike paths everywhere, tons of active people and beautiful scenery. The race course is what I would call “extremely challenging”. Essentially we ride straight up an access road that gets progressively steeper, finally turning off into a mellow descent containing 13 switchbacks and mellow straightaways. Slightly uninspiring, especially after a week of BC shredding, but that was the work space, so we went to work. Laps were ticking off right around 18 minutes, so we were in for 6 trips up the hill. After a solid start, Spencer and I settled into our rhythms and slowly picked people off. By the final lap we were in sight of each other, and in sight of 6th place. Spencer had enough left in the tank to rally up to 7th, and I chugged along for a solid 10th. Pretty good work for the day, and a good showing for Kona with 2 riders in the top 10. Tomorrow is the short track and Super D. Spencer is going for the double trouble, but I’m gonna sleep in and just giver in the short track. Until then, I think it’s time to head into Ketchum and rustle up some grub.

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