By Ambassador Sydney Schumacher

My partner and I have this mantra we like to say…

It’s one of those phrases we find ourseles saying before different life decisions or change. Last year was one of thoe years I found myself saying this mantra quite often. Like many of us, we were faced with some pretty interesting decisions. Despite the craziness of the year, I would like to make a big ol’ toast to our silly little mantra and all of the new beginnings that have been brought our way because of it.

We kicked the year off by moving to a new house that couldn’t be any closer to the trails. This new backyard ha been one of our sweetest surprises. It has given us a true reset. Everything from surfing new lines, crushing out lunch break laps, and putting in fresh berms. Crazy enough, this is our place of creativty and rest. These days, you can find us behind the house tossing around dirt, sculpting lips, and slashing corners. These woods have left us giddy and optimistic for the days ahead. All of these new beginnings and moments out here have been a true testament to our little mantra, “You got to go to know.”